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Why You Need Gutters

Every house needs high-quality gutters and downspouts, because without effective roof drainage, runoff will be dumped right next to the foundation. This substantial water flow can damage plants, decks, patios and exterior siding while also causing erosion. Inside the house, the basement can flood.


Gutters play a key role in defending the foundation of your home or business from water intrusion. We offer local gutter installation and repair services to keep your home or business free from water damage.

Gutter damage can result from ice, hail, animals, wind and other issues. When that happens, roofs can leak. Leaky roofs cause larger problems if not resolved in a timely manner.

Did you know a steady drip of water can erode your home’s foundation? Add roof rot, wet basements and moldy attics, and you’ve got a big mess on your hands.

No matter the level of damage, Last Frontier Roofing & Construction will conduct an in-depth, comprehensive inspection of your gutters and home. We even provide an in-house insurance claim specialist to take the headache out of filing insurance claims for damage to your gutters.


Integrity means doing the job right when no one is looking, and that’s our core value. When you hire Last Frontier Roofing & Construction, you receive:

  • A comprehensive inspection

  • A simple, easy-to-understand, no-obligation estimate and professional consultation

  • A hand-selected, highly trained and carefully screened service representative who provides the highest levels of service and care

  • A dedicated Project Manager who plans, supervises and ensure successful completion and your complete satisfaction

  • Project planning and execution to protect your yard, landscaping and infrastructure

  • An in-house insurance claim specialist who assures nothing is missed in your claim

  • Convenient scheduling that’s sensitive to your busy schedule

  • Strict standards for our service crews: appropriate insurance, equipment and proactive customer communication

  • A comprehensive 2-Year Customer First Warranty

It’s important to have a high-quality gutter system to avoid issues down the road.

At Last Frontier Roofing & Construction, we worked hard to build our reputation as a company its customers can trust. We intend to keep it that way.

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