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1. Is your company and crews insured?


Yes, Last Frontier Roofing and Construction carries a 1 million dollar per occurrence liability insurance. All crews carry their own separate liability insurance as well. LFRC maintains insurance on each job so that our customers won’t be liable for any accidents.

2. How do insurance claims work?


Insurance claims can be complicated, confusing, and drawn out. At LFRC we’ll work with you to make sure you are prepared with the right set of questions and a good support system throughout the entire process.

3. Do you accept Credit Cards?


Yes, we do! A 3% convenience fee will be added for all credit card transactions. We also include other payment options such as check, cash, Zelle, Venmo or CashApp for no additional charge.

4. How do I know if I need a roof replacement?


There are many signs that you may need a roof replacement. It’s a matter of having one of our professional technicians hopping on your roof to spot any of the following signs:

1. Moisture, Rot or Mold

2. Areas where they roof may be sagging

3. Cracked, torn, bald or missing shingles

4. Water damage or leaking

5. Loose shingles or granules 

6. And other factors

5. Do I need to be home while you are installing the roof?


Not at all. If you feel more comfortable being home while our crews are working, please feel free, however it is not necessary for you to be home.

6. Do I really need a new roof, or can I just have it repaired?


There are many factors we consider when looking at you roof to determine if it will be a full replacement or just a repair. Our goal is leaving our customers safe and protected, and to educate on why we advise on a replacement or repair. 

One of the major things we look for is the integrity of your roof, shingles and it’s lifespan. With outside elements and possible weather events such as hail or wind, your roof could show signs of deterioration. Our job is to complete a full roof inspection, take photos of any issues that may be occurring, document the roof condition and provide you with a detailed reasoning on why a repair or replacement is necessary.

7. Would if there was a storm and I need immediate repair?


Our emergency crews are always on standby to help aid our customers after any major weather event. Our goal is to prevent any further damage or leaks to your home by presenting you with an estimate on the repairs or replacement necessary to keep your home safe and protected. 

8.What happens if it rains while you are installing my roof?


We continuously monitor the weather and do our best to schedule our installs on clear sunny days in order to prevent any weather-related delays. However, there are times when mother nature does what she wants. If it should rain during your install, LFRC will ensure your roof is protected and covered to prevent any water entering your home. We must also protect our crew to prevent any accidents. We will continue install once it is safe for our crew to do so.

9. Is Last Frontier Roofing and Construction a reputable company?


Yes! LFRC has been in business for over a year now. Though it may be a short amount of time our presence in the community is strong. As a Veteran Owned and Operated company, we strive to help local veterans, the community, and businesses in keeping a strong roof over their head. With trust, quality, and integrity as our values, we want each of our customers to feel part of the family. Please check out our review pages and give us a shout if you have any questions or would like any information on our company!

10. How much does a new roof cost?


Every roof is different and therefor the cost of a roof will be different amount. When considering the price of a new roof, LFRC factors: the size of the roof, old roof removal, shape of the roof, material needed, and other features like a chimney, skylights, vents, etc. We know a new roof is a huge investment and will work with you on how to pay for your new roof. We will also consider all options such as an Insurance Claim, Payment Plan and Financing if possible.

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