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Roofing Inspections

We are here to help with all your residential and commercial roofing needs! Our experts work to prevent long term damage and keep your roof in great shape.

Your roof is a system – comprised of several components that work together to keep your home dry and secure. 

Your roof system includes:

roof decking, underlayment, shingles, ventilation, gutters & downspouts, pipe flashing, nails, chimney flashing & more.

Sometimes parts of this system break down or need a little maintenance to continue functioning as intended.

Just like changing the oil in your vehicle, maintaining your roof can help extend the life of your investment and save money by helping you avoid bigger problems in the future.

Contact LFRC to schedule your roof maintenance visit.


Roof maintenance may extend the life of your roof by several years and keep your roof watertight – protecting your home while helping you prevent costly emergency repairs from roof leaks. By scheduling roof maintenance on an annual or biannual basis, you can address small problems before they turn into big issues.

What We Look For During Your Maintenance Visit

We will inspect your roof for signs of damage or problem areas that need attention. We look for things like the following.


  • Vent Damage

  • Missing Shingles

  • Lifted Shingles

  • Drainage Issues

  • Exposed Nails

  • Cracked Flashing

  • Squirrel Damage

  • Chimney Problems

  • Skylight Issues

  • Roof Debris


Critical Problems

We also look for:

  • loose nails

  • soffit problems

  • ventilation problems

  • loss of granules

  • tree damage

  • standing water

  • potential leak areas

  • cracked shingles

  • pest/bird damage

  • nail pops

  • blistering

  • roof penetrations

  • open seams


What We Fix During Your Maintenance Visit

We will service small roof issues and obvious problem areas. Here are a few things we may do depending on the needs of your roof.

  • Repair/Reseal cracked flashings on vent pipes

  • Reseal & secure flashings on walls, chimneys, skylights, HVAC

  • Remove branches or other debris from your roof

  • Seal or replace exposed nail heads or nail pops

  • Replace or seal cracked shingles

  • Reseal lifted shingles

  • Inspect and clean gutters

  • And much much more!

NOTE: Some roof damage may require a more extensive roof repair project. We will let you know if we find these types of issues during the inspection, before we began the maintenance on your roof!


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